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Findings Show that Original Moon Landing is Implausible

The MoonThe Moon: Did Apollo 11 Really Make It?

When you think of a moon landing, you probably don’t think about ocean sediments or the effects of high force on silt. Neither did we. But a new study suggests that the force needed to lift the original rocket that supposedly carried Apollo 11Β to the moon would have been so great, we would still see evidence of the silt displacement near Cape Canaveral today. Unfortunately for space enthusiasts, we don’t see that displacement at all. In fact, it turns out that the silt still looks exactly like it did before America was even colonized.

Dr. Robert Carson*, who published the study along with a group of graduate students says he was shocked himself when he read the findings. “I told them to run the algorithm again! I couldn’t believe that the ocean’s surface was still pristine. When they told me they had run it three times already, I was floored.”

Through the years we have seen a number of shameful scandals come out of NASA’s space exploration program, everything from hiding extra terrestrials collected in Roswell to faking footage of other planets collected by “Probes” (such as “New Horizons”). However this will be especially damaging to the space program as the general public was finally starting to feel safe believing what NASA was reporting.

We hit the streets to ask people how they felt about the news, and most people were shocked that this was happening again. “I watched the whole thing on my TV, and I never would have believed it could have been faked. Where did that giant rocket we launched go?” exclaimed one older woman that we interviewed. We’ve been told by an anonymous source inside of NASA that they purposefully fired the rocket when Cape Canaveral was facing “towards the sun”.

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* Name changed for anonymity

208 Comments on "Findings Show that Original Moon Landing is Implausible"

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  6. So desperate for an excuse you’ll make up some research.
    Sure. Sure. Obviously a scientist, whose real name *hasn’t even been published* – in contrast to the rules of peer-reviewed findings – has found something that definitively proves the Moon landings never occured. Never mind the fact that if this was true your scientist should have published their ‘evidence’ in a peer-reviewed journal for others to verify it, and, had their ‘evidence’ been in any way substantial or, for that matter, existed, this would’ve been reported far more widely that a single backwater clickbait scumhole like this site.

  7. This was so terrible I think it gave me cancer!

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  9. I think I have cancer | March 19, 2016 at 3:16 am |

    This article gave me cancer. So wrong.

    Source – the thousands of pieces of evidence we did go.

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  11. Random Engineer | February 28, 2016 at 10:59 am |

    So funny how people only believe what they want to. A 2nd hand account of a non-existent study that doesn’t even make sense proves the moon landings were faked?

    How about even the hypotheses on how rockets affect the ocean sediments or the results or measurements that could even be taken.

    The best part is these people think it’s the government that’s lying to them.

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  15. Finally some real proof we didn’t go to the moon! I’ve been waiting for something solid that I could make a stand with, and this is definitely it. Everyone is always trying to tell me they can prove the lunar landing because of what you can see in those pictures or videos, but let’s be honest, ANYONE could fake those pictures or videos to make them look as real or fake as they want. I needed something concrete that I could touch and really say, THIS is the reason I don’t believe.

    • Rational person | March 30, 2016 at 9:06 am |

      Dawg, you still believe this ‘The Moon Landings were a Hoax!!11!!111!’ nonesense?

      Think about it. Most people can’t keep secrets for long. How would NASA/’The Government!!!11!!’ (delete as appropriate) keep such a secret, considering how many 1000s of people worked on Apollo etc?

      Also, surely the Chinese pictures of the lunar landing sites proves we did go to the Moon better than some gibberish about ocean sediments doesn’t?

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